Why Organization Matters

Trying to stay organized for 2017? All Time Self Storage knows why organization matters when life gets to hectic. Let us help you keep every room in your home organized and efficient this new year. With our room-by-room strategies below you will have the skills and knowledge to get the job done!

Why Organization Matters


  • Low on counter space? Keep an over-the-sink cutting board to help extend your counter.
  • Add a metal shelf under the sink to house sponges and allow them to dry without developing unwanted smells.
  • Create a good hanging spot for utensils and pot holders by adding hooks to the bare side of cabinets.
  • Designate an area for family notes. The kitchen is the best place to make notes of family schedules, meals for the week, and the family shopping list.


  • Space above the toilet is good to store toiletry items. Also, this spot is easy for guests to find bathroom supplies.
  • Consider adding a metal tiered hanging basket in the shower. This gives sponges and rags a chance to dry.
  • Organize items by frequency of use. Put products you use everyday in an easy to find location.
  • Sliding trays under the sink make it easy to clean the trash can and get cleaning supplies out.

Living Room:

  • Make piles for items you are trashing, donating, or relocating. Part with items you haven’t used in years.
  • Double duty furniture is a creative way to store your belongings without taking up too much space.
  • Get a waste basket that matches the décor of the room and place it near an entrance for easy finding. Lock any unwanted smells away with a lidded trash can at the entrance of the room.
  • Don’t overload an area with too much décor. Devote two-thirds of your shelf space to books and movies and the rest to pictures and decorations.


  • A storage ottoman at the foot of the bed is helpful for extra blankets and bed linens.
  • Don’t let flat surfaces, like dressers and nightstands, become a dumping ground for your daily pocket contents. Make a home for your keys by the front door and add a change bank in your room to keep your surfaces clear.
  • Pick an organization plan to follow when hanging your clothes, color coded, by style or by occasion. Whichever system you choose stick to it.
  • Storage under the bed is great spot for out of season clothes. Add wheels to the bottom of the drawers to create an easy access storage area.

If you made getting organized your New Year’s resolution for 2017, let the storage experts at All Time Self Storage help you stay on the right track. Come in for advice and supplies to get started today!

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