Where to recycle near you

There were many great memories made this summer. From the beach castles to the road trips you may notice some of your items need replacing or did not get any use. For those belongings All Time Self Storage can help you find the right location to recycle them properly. Our public storage options in Southampton, PA and Royersford, PA are spacious and also secure for all your gear.

recycle Royersford PA

Go green with us this fall! Donating old comforters, toys and more is the best way to give back to our community and clean out your space. Thoroughly comb through your belongings for clothes, books, seasonal gear that can be replaced or donated. Create a pile for each type of recyclable.

Are you upgrading the electronics? Whether it is new cell phones or a new desktop computer for the home office, you do not have to hold on to the old ones. Many cell phone providers have exchange programs to cut down on waste. A near by Best Buy is your best option for properly recycling computers and laptops.

If you are doing some maintenance on the car before the snow comes talk with your local mechanic for locations that accept used tires and motor oil. If your mechanic does not have the proper facility to dispose of these items, to with a auto scrap yard for suggestions.

While winterizing the house it is smart to check the battery life and on radios and smoke detectors. Reach out to your curbside recycling company. Some plants may take them but it is best to check before you recycle.

While bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins enjoy your space more with these easy recycling tips. Stop by either of our All Time Self Storage locations for a secure place to keep gear for next year. With long and short term storage you will find all the space you need with us!

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