What To Ask Moving Experts

Finding and choosing the correct help during a move is a very important part of a moving journey. All-Time Self Storage is here and ready to assist you during your selection of hiring a moving company. All-Time Self Storage works with local communities to identify businesses that our customers can use and benefit from. If you are skeptical on hiring a moving company, let us guide you.

During a move and in need of extra space? All-Time Self Storage has secure storage units close to home in Royersford PA and Southampton PA. With units easily accessible and staff ready to assist, find your storage option and potential movers near you with All-Time Self Storage.

Questions To Ask

This month All-Time Self Storage is getting you prepared with questions to ask a local moving company. Obtain the answers that benefit you when choosing a moving company before any agreement is signed off.

  1. What should I do if my moving date changes?
  2. Do you require a security deposit?
  3. Who do I contact for questions?
  4. Does your staff work on weekends? If so is that an extra charge?
  5. How does the staff get trained?

Discover more tips and advice on determining a local moving company here.

Tips For Moving Day

  1. Never use newspaper to wrap fine china. Instead use bubble wrap which can be purchased at either of our sites.
  2. Schedule disconnection times for a week before you move. (ex: cable, internet, and utilities)
  3. Complete all packing the day before your move.
  4. Save time by keeping all boxes in one location. (ex: living room or garage)
  5. Use packing tape, never use duct tape. (Packing tape is more secure and is ready for purchase in our office! Stop by to grab all your supplies today.)

All-Time Self Storage is not just your local storage facility. We want to help you explore local businesses you can trust and use at your convenience. Both of our locations have a neighborhood friends board, filled with local attractions that may interest you to check out.

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