Selling, Staging, Storing, all you need to know

Spring is right around the corner and that means some of you may be planning for a big move. Our local storage units secure your extra items while you search for the perfect house and keep your listing at the top of everyone’s must see list. Make your place stand out from the rest with our staging tips below.

Storage Units

Make some edits

Taking away some of your belongings not only helps your buyer see themselves living here but also helps you pack. Start packing away the family photos and knick-knacks on the bookshelves. You could even take most of your books to storage. Doing this now will help your potential buyer see their belongings here. Keep all your furniture simple. Try to keep only what is necessary, the rest can go to a convenient storage unit at either of our locations.

Decorate with what you have

Staging does not require you to go buy all new accessories for your house. Use what you already have, just keep it simple. Group decorations in a balance layout and stick to your accent colors. After the pictures come down, the walls may either need a cleaning or a new coat of paint. Find a neutral color that is calming. Keep the bright colors in pillows and blankets. Both of these will create a comfy setting for your guests to walk into.

Helpful tricks to keep in mind

Your coat closet and pantry should be tidy since it is likely a buyer will open cupboards and doors. Keeping these areas coordinated around the house will be a positive sign to your buyer. Take the seasonal gear out of the closets for the time being and store it with us. Our space can help you keep extra items out of the way while you simplify your area.

Stay on track with your selling timeline with All-Time Self Storage. Our local storage units help homeowners in Royersford PA and Southampton, PA.

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