Self Storage Tips for Storing Summer Gear

Our storage facilities in Southampton PA and Royersford PA are equipped with self storage tips and space to get you ready for winter. Both of our locations features climate controlled storage options so your belongings are protected no matter what the weather is doing. Now is the time to get the boat out of the water, swap clothes, and clean the garage out for winter tools; All-Time Self Storage is here to assist you in the process.

Self storage tips to get your through fall

Self Storage Tips

  • Shovels, rakes, trowels, all gardening tools should be sharpened and cleaned up before going into storage.
  • When storing your bicycle, lubricate chains and clean your wheels. Making the bike look and run like new will keep this summer mode transportation working properly.
  • Use water to remove a seasons worth of dirt from wood patio furniture and apply a generous amount of wax as a water repellent. Many businesses use storage once the outdoor seating area is closed for the season.
  • Clean and dry pool toys before deflating and storing in an air tight box. It is not a bad idea to use moisture absorbing product to keep mold away.
  • Both of our locations offer moving supplies at the office, such as dust covers, boxes, tape, and even locks.
  • Remove rust on metal tables or chairs to avoid having to buy a new patio set next year. Once removed, spray a clear coat of paint to keep the finish looking good.
  • Before taping up your clothing boxes, sort through your clothes and get rid of anything that does not fit or you have not worn all season.

Before you start cleaning out the shed and garage in preparation for winter, let All-Time Self Storage tips set you up for success. Our locations in Southampton PA and Royersford PA have the storage solutions you need to get storing for winter. Businesses and homeowners will find answers to saving space while also saving the budget. Give us a call or find your unit online today!

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