Moving and Storage Tips For Long Distance Moving

Need a few moving and storage tips for your summer move? Long distance moving entails a lot of organization and our experts can give you a few pointers. Moving to our Royersford PA or Southampton PA area this summer? We offer 2 storage locations in the suburbs of Philadelphia PA, so if you are relocating for work, a storage unit can help you keep your belongings organized.

All-Time Self Storage has climate controlled storage units in Southampton PA and vehicle parking in Royersford PA. Both of our storage facilities make it a goal to provide the most ideal storage experience for you.

This month we have the moving and storage tips you will need for your summer moves.

Moving and Storage

A Month Before

  1. Staging your home does not have to be done by professionals. Start packing your belongings and make as much open space as possible by moving these boxes to a storage unit.
  2. Start looking for new schools and healthcare offices in your new neighborhood.
  3. Contact local moving companies if moving down the street or national movers if moving out of state.

Two Weeks Before

  1. Transfer your records from doctors and dentist offices. If the kids will be starting in a new school district transfer their records.
  2. Head to the post office for change of address forms or set it up online.
  3. Reserve your storage unit online or give us a call. All-Time Self Storage can reserve your storage unit 2 weeks before you want to move in.

The Day Of

  1. Keep a clear path from the boxes to the front door, and have everything labeled.
  2. Your new lease, passports, drivers licenses, and any other important papers you may need should be kept all together.
  3. Take a final walk through the house, enjoy this last moment in your home.

A Week After

  1. Now you need to restock your pantry. Fill up on basics like spices and canned food, these items may have gotten donated or thrown away before.
  2. Double check your mail is being forwarded and other businesses are aware of your new address.
  3. Take your time unpacking by moving a few boxes to storage.

Think seasonal organization or start moving to a new house with extra storage space at All-Time Self Storage. Choose your location closest to you, then rent online!

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