Long Term Storage Tips for your Vehicle

What do you need to know for long term storage? At All-Time Self Storage your belongings have a safe place to stay while you find the perfect house or grow your business. We want to help you store some of your belongings that have more challenges, for example, your vehicles. How do you store a vehicle? Even though our Royersford PA and Southampton PA storage facilities do not offer outdoor vehicle parking, we aim to help you prepare this item for storage with a few tips.

Long term storage for your vehicle

Long Term Storage

  • Using the parking brake while in storage can put a lot of pressure on your brakes. To ease up on the brakes, put a block behind the back wheels.
  • A cover is helpful whether in outdoor storage or indoor storage.
  • When storing, your vehicle could have sediment in the gas and oil. Replace these before moving your vehicle to long term storage.
  • Fill tires to the maximum pressure; this measurement can be found on the side of the tire.
  • While replacing the oil and gas, top off any other fluids. Come spring you will not have much work to do to get back on the road.
  • Keep your battery charged and in a cool dry place. Avoid placing the battery on the basement floor, as this will also drain your battery.

With a little maintenance and the right storage tips, your vehicle will be ready for long term storage. Our Royersford PA storage offer enough square footage to store a motorcycle, your household items, and any other seasonal belongings. Let our storage experts know how self storage in Royersford PA can help!

Thinking about the dropping temperatures and how to protect your valuables? Our Southampton PA storage units are all climate controlled! We monitor humidity and temperature to create the ideal storing scene. Worrying about the changing temperatures is a thing of the past when you store with All-Time Self Storage.

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