How do you know which storage unit you need?

Deciding on which storage unit to choose? There are so many options to select, from temperature controlled, 5×5, to drive-up and 10×30. Don’t get overwhelmed, let us take the hassle away with our size chart. The storage experts at All Time Self Storage in Royersford, Pa and Southampton PA are breaking down how many items can fit inside.

Royersford PA storage

5×5: Small Closet

Save this size for the seasonal gear and extra business supplies. This is the optimal spot for extra office tools, gardening equipment etc. This is the bonus space you can use while you tackle your spring cleaning or next yard sale.


5×10: Walk-in Closet

Find the extra room for a few small/medium boxes and a queen mattress. This size is perfect for college students and renters. If you are downsizing and need an extra room consider a 5×10 storage unit.


10×10:1 Room Capacity

This unit reaches it’s capacity at 1 full bedroom. With the bed set, tv, dresser and night stands your 10×10 is at full capacity. Renting this unit will help you paint the kid’s room or convert the master bedroom into the suite you’ve always wanted.


10×20: Store the WHOLE House

Find room for the fridge, washer, dryer and all large appliances in the 10×20. You can pack your small items in boxes and store several large containers.


10×30: Ideal for Multi-Families

Maybe the parents are downsizing and you are moving. This large storage unit keeps the whole family happy. You will be able to store everyone’s packing boxes as well as the large appliances.


Temperature Controlled: For the Priceless Items

Keeping all your treasures secure is one task but keeping them out of the ever changing temperatures is another. Our controlled units make sure your items don’t have to endure the winter freeze or the summer degrees.


Talk with the storage professionals at our Southampton, Pa or Royersford, Pa location. Use the size chart to get started and then take a tour to see the size you want!

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