Extra Items? Sell Online

Have a few items you are not using? The gear you keep may be worth something, maybe now is the time to sell online. All-Time Self Storage has a spot for all your keepsakes but when you are ready to swap your items for cash, selling online may be the next step. With spring on the way, self storage can help you swap your seasonal gear and get it ready to sell online!

All-Time Self Storage has 2 locations, one in Southampton PA and another in Royersford PA. Our climate controlled storage units in Southampton PA can be the ideal option for merchandise for your business. Find parking spaces in Royersford PA for your RV or spare car you are ready to sell. Let our storage experts assist as you sell your items online.

sell online
  1. Photos with lots of detail will help customers figure out if it is a good buy. Put your product on a white background with lots of light so the pictures come out perfect every time.
  2. Start the price higher and work your way down. If you are selling a damaged or broken item, be realistic about your starting price.
  3. Add a note to the customer if the item you are selling is only used for parts or not functioning.
  4. Small business can take advantage of setting a time limit.

Why Sell Online?

  1. College students find selling items on Offer Up to be the extra source of income they needed to get ahead on student loans or start their life after college.
  2. Families can sell baby clothes, after the kids have outgrown them, on Facebook Marketplace and save up for vacation.
  3. Small businesses use Etsy to showcase their one of a kind products.

There are many ways online sales can help! Choose the right website and start posting your rarely used items. If you need a place to store, check out All-Time Self Storage. A store manager is on site and ready to answer any of your questions.

You can start renting in Southampton PA and Royersford PA today! Find a parking space or storage unit online and move in the same day.

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