Packing tips to prepare for successful storage

Ready to let spring into your home? As we wrap up another success winter, get ready for the seasonal change with our storage packing tips. All-Time Self Storage knows simplifying your gear is all part of spring cleaning and with our extra storage space, you have a secure place to keep everything. The house may have collected extra items during winter but now is the perfect time to pair down. Let the warm temperatures get you in the mode to organize with us.

The first step is packing your belongings for storage, but what are the best ways to accomplish a successful move? We have the answers below.

storage packing tips

  • From small to extra large boxes make sure your clothes are in the right box. Just because the large boxes hold your entire wardrobe does not mean the movers will be able to lift it. Pack heavy things in small boxes for easier carrying.
  • Those spots under chair legs and in dresser drawers are all usable spaces for packing. To get the most out of your unit leave no space unfilled.
  • Talk with us to finds answers to the question, “which storage unit is right for me?”
  • Protect your art if it is going to long term storage with bubble wrapped corners and tape across the glass. The bubble wrap disperses vibrations of the road and tape will prevent the glass from shattering.
  • Any large fabric pieces are dust and moisture magnets. Our mattress covers and dust covers stop anything from damaging the fibers.
  • How do you store a fridge or freezer? Unplug it a few days before with a towel below the doors. Allow the appliance to defrost and dry out before storing.
  • Professional movers or friends need to be notified about a month out. This not only helps them clear their schedule but gives you time if you need to find a replacement.

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